ADC recognise that the Drilling Rig is usually the largest project cost item for our clients, both in terms of daily cost when operating and more importantly the daily cost when it is not operating. The risks of un-planned downtime or unexpected safety issues can be significantly reduced by the implementation of planned maintenance and proactively identifying risks through systematic Rig Inspection.

Our belief is that such an investment should be evaluated to the highest possible standard given the potential financial risks and commercial exposure rig downtime can present to your well programme. In the current oilfield economic environment we understand that our clients’ prime focus is on operating their projects in the most cost efficient way possible…

Many consider that when taking on a rig today, it could be described as a buyers’ market.  However, the old adage “buyer beware” is more applicable than ever!

In the current financial climate, there is a bewildering choice of hardware available from which to choose.  These range from new builds requiring completion from the yard, currently frozen in time, to stacked rigs in various states of readiness, and currently operational rigs of various generations.

Each rig comes with its own positives and negatives.

To some extent, many clients have screened the list of applicants and have a shortlist of potentially suitable rigs prior to involving ADC.  However in many cases ADC has assisted during the final stages of the desk top rig selection screening phase.

ADC works closely with our clients to establish their detailed drilling rig requirements.  These can range from the size of the office accommodation, to the perceived culture of the rig crew, but are primarily based on the technical capability of the rig to meet operational requirements and typically includes safety, environmental protection, well control, drilling, completions and well test requirements.

ADC encourages a collaborative approach and conducts the inspection with client representatives present where possible in order to ensure that focus is given to exact client specific requirements. Following these short, sharp, well-rehearsed rig overview inspections, the salient points are collated, then summarized into a standardised report format that forms the basis of a comparative study.

Because there can be vast differences in rig status, (cold stacked to operational) condition and capability, ADC has developed a method of presenting a quick, simple and effective comparison.

This comparative study is then presented to the client in order that they can evaluate and rank the pros and cons of each rig and at the end achieve a selection based on their weighted judgement of the factual information provided by ADC.

Often, no single rig will meet all of the client selection criteria.  In which case, development project plans will also require to be evaluated by ADC in addition to the rig itself in order to identify all potential areas of risk.  This combined evaluation and the appropriate financial considerations, form the basis of selection.

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