Have You Downloaded Revision 4 of the Reliable Securing Booklet?

Published this month by the Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS), the revised booklet contains significant changes and additions from Rev 3 and is supplemented by the DROPS Recommended Practice document issued earlier this year.

Some of the significant changes and guidance contained within the Reliable Securing Booklet Rev. 4 include clarification of the definition of safety securing and secondary retention; these are often confused and misunderstood. The revision focusses on and demonstrates dependable retention methods and technologies.

Additional clarity incorporated in the revision includes best practice recommendations surrounding:

  • Safety Securing Devices
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms
  • Sheaves and Snatch Blocks
  • Synthetic Web Slings
  • Hanging Hoses
  • Specialist Lifting Accessories
  • Valve Wheels and Handles

Revision 4 can be downloaded from the DROPS website:

Everyone Can be Affected by DROPS and Everyone Can Have an Effect on DROPS

Similar to industry best practice, Dropped Object training should remain dynamic and continuous to reflect the collaborative effort made by industry groups like DROPS.  ADC’s commitment towards training and development of our Rig Inspection Principal Specialists remains unremitting; and as such, ALL ADC PERSONNEL are to refresh their knowledge by completing ADC’s Virtual Academy training course, “UNDERSTANDING DROPPED OBJECTS.”

The online course is delivered in such a way in order to structure the candidates’ progression through the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning Identification and Control
  3. Managing Potential Dropped Objects
  4. Securing Best Practices
  5. Assessment Questions

ADC's online course has been updated to reflect the significant changes in Rev. 04 and we continue to support our clients by conducting Dropped Object Inspections and Management System Assessments internationally.

Our commitment to ensuring the industry strives to minimise the risk of dropped objects reflects the DROPS Recommended Practise Document (Section 2.9) which identifies 3 levels of training:

  • Awareness Training – Mandatory for personnel exposed to Dropped Objects risks.  Awareness training consists of competency verification on the company SMS in either a computer-based, classroom, or on the worksite setting.
  • Inspector Training – This requires a level of training or experience above Awareness as well as familiarity with the OEM specifications of the equipment to be inspected.
  • DROPS Focal Point/Field Champion Training – The company Scheme Focal Point or Field Champion is trained to the level of Subject Matter Expert and supports the full implementation of the company’s Scheme.

If you would like to discuss solutions to help mitigate the risk associated with dropped objects or how the changes to the Reliable Securing Booklet affects your business, please get in touch with ADC.

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