ADC - Creating the Safety Standard on United States Soil

ADC has embarked on a ground breaking project with a major US land drilling operator to transfer our 30 years of rig inspection experience to the onshore, drilling and completions operations and fracking fleets.  The driver for the project is to identify opportunities, predominately within shale operations, to instil a culture of safety and compliance with OSHA, in addition to national and state legislation to allow the client to continue to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Fracking Spread

The aim of this annual routine inspection program is to develop improvement opportunities and actions through corrective action requests (CAR’s); management, monitoring and close out of agreed performance improvements with the Client’s contractors and crews through a proactive approach in mitigating equipment, process, and competency failures that could result in serious injury, damage to equipment, and environmental impacts.

The goal with this program is to develop and implement a Client Specific “Company Standard” for safety, operations, and contractor work force, along with a more robust internal inspection process to ensure safety and maximise efficiency.

It is also the goal of this project to independently assess the safety “culture” on locations with the various crews and HSE Wellsite Supervisor, which we believe is a key component to safe and efficient operations.

It is vital that this new approach engages with everyone at the wellsite to increase operational and safety performance without impacting on efficiencies for overall operations.  ADC will fit around ongoing operations and see this as a collaborative process, working with the Client and their Contractors to verify a baseline and raise the bar on an ongoing basis, measurable through agreed KPIs.

Austin Hay, President of ADC Americas, describes the project as:

Incredibly important for instilling a culture of safety and performance that reflects that of the international drilling industry
the success of this project relies heavily on the collaboration between ADC, our client and their 3rd party service providers to not only raise the level of safety awareness but to also drive rig performance through routine and effective inspection programmes and compliance with appropriate standards

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