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The needs of the Oil & Gas Industry are constantly evolving and despite common themes being discussed, each company has specific requirements. With this in mind, ADC has the ability to adapt existing online training courses and develop bespoke content to help ensure these individual needs are met. Whether it is rebranding an existing course to be aligned with other online training courses within the existing Learning Management System (LMS); or developing a course that integrates company-specific processes and procedures whilst explaining the underlying fundamentals of the subject at hand; ADC has the capability to tailor the solution utilising our dedicated graphic design team through collaboration with our technical authors.

Bespoke eLearning Packages – ADC have produced a number of training courses on:

  • Drilling Equipment - a general understanding of the equipment, a breakdown of components and inspection, including images of problems found during inspections by ADC Personnel.

  • Dropped Objects - an understanding of the causes of dropped objects, the methods for securing objects at height, preventing dropped objects and a breakdown of dropped objects inspections, including images of potential dropped objects found during inspections by ADC Personnel.

  •  Well Control - an understanding of what is happening down hole, the equipment utilised on board the rig to control the well, explanations of how to prevent and deal with well control incidents and the calculations involved.

ADC has developed technical animations to demonstrate the function and inspection criteria of critical path drilling equipment, complemented by the integration of videos and photographs acquired by ADC’s Rig Inspection teams whilst on board international drilling rigs.

It has become increasingly important for the online learning environment to be as engaging and captivating as possible in order to maximise the impact and understanding of the subject at hand.  To this end, ADC has developed 2D and 3D interactive animations which are compatible with the demands of a mobile generation utilising HTML5 technology.

Through consultation with our clients, we can develop immersive and engaging content to be used by their target audience, branded and delivered as an in-house training course.

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