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“Skill Fade” is a real threat and reactivating the drill crew should be a process that commences prior to the crew setting foot on the rig.  Assigning a structured suite of online training courses can be an efficient way to ensure they are ready to return to a rig environment that was once very familiar to them.  This then allows the Drilling Contractor to focus on the Crew Resource Management aspect of training and teambuilding whilst being assured that the level of competency is managed effectively.

Rig crew members are being hired for short, single-well projects and are expected to hit the ground running, but many haven’t been on a rig in some time or are completely new to a rig and due to time and funding constraints, on-site training may not be available.

An untrained workforce presents huge safety risks. Recent job shortages have led to a reduction in the industry’s experienced workforce.  An inexperienced crew may be less safety conscious and unlikely to challenge authority on safety issues due to a lack of confidence and understanding of their role.

ADC’s Virtual Academy training courses have been developed from our 32 years experience of providing Rig Inspection services internationally.  Collating the experience form ADC’s subject matter experts in Mechanical, Electrical, Control Systems and Well Control; the Virtual Academy courses are delivered with the intention of ensuring a complete understanding of the drilling rig.

In order to minimise the risks associated with “Skill Fade,” ADC has developed a robust process to deliver effective and relevant training to the returning crew.

1. Competency Assessment and Review

Before commencing the training, each candidate will complete a competency assessment from a bank of 50 randomly selected questions related to the learning outcomes of ADC’s Virtual Academy courses which cover drilling equipment, dropped objects, well control, working at height and risk. 


2. Role Specific Training and Awareness

Based on the results of the competency assessment, ADC will allocate the Virtual Academy units focused on the areas identified to improve the individual person’s competency related to their job role.  Drill crews will be expected to demonstrate an understanding in the following role-specific topics:


Virtual Academy Roles Table

3. Bespoke Course Design

ADC has the ability to adapt existing ADC online training courses and develop bespoke content to help ensure individual client needs are met.  Whether it is rebranding an existing course to be aligned with other online training courses within the existing Learning Management System (LMS); or developing a course that integrates company-specific processes and procedures whilst explaining the underlying fundamentals of the subject at hand; ADC can tailor the solution utilising our dedicated graphic design team through collaboration with our technical authors.

Get in touch to find out how ADC can help address the competency of the returning crew.

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