Typically a new virus or attack vector will be active for around 140 days before a suitable anti-virus or software fix is released to counter it. During this time Hackers will sell information to each other on the software vulnerabilities they identify.

Cyber Security is a threat that has always been there.  It’s only now that the hackers are changing their attack vectors and nation states are using this as a weapon that we are sitting up and taking notice.  We have seen recent evidence of these attacks affecting the Oil & Gas Industry, with drilling rigs being shut down for long periods of time following attacks to communication systems, software control systems and power management.

ADC has recently conducted a number of Cyber Security Assessments and similar conclusions are being drawn from the findings:   

  • Cyber Security discussions should start early in any project planning
  • Training & Education – Educate ALL personnel so they can be vigilant against cyber attacks
  • Sanitise your operational network
  • Assess and map out a risk profile
  • Eliminate or mitigate risks identified
  • Use a layered approach to Cybersecurity defences
  • Monitor and be proactive.

However given the point of ingress into the workplace or home it is incumbent on everyone to take a measured approach and be cautious and circumspect.  Checklist and guidelines do help, but an in depth understanding of the technical issues involved is critical to defending systems against inventive methods of attack. 

Our sixth ADC Virtual Academy webisode has just been released with a focus on Cyber Security and its importance against the threat of cyber attacks. Such attacks have already exposed vulnerable networks in large corporations and left them severely exposed to risk.

Ian Cowieson, the Academy's principal specialist provides commentary alongside animation, describing potential threats, their effects and what we can do to protect ourselves against this relatively new and complex problem.

Aberdeen Drilling Consultants' Cyber Inspection teams have practical experience with modern, complex drilling rigs and vessels auditing system protection, virus detection and providing guidance on best practices. The aim to inform, respond and prevent cyber attack.  Supplemented by the Virtual Academy training courses,  ADC can provide a comprehensive Cyber Security package to help mitigate the risk of attack to your assets.


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